Candle Holder Types to Give Your Home Some Pizazz

A candle holder is an item that holds candles and prevents wax from the burning candle from getting on the surface that it sits on. You can find varieties for just about any type of decor.The silver varieties are very popular in many households. These typically sit in a dining room and holds stick type candles. This variety is a classic, they are usually long and slim, and there is a lip around the hole where the candle sits to catch wax drippings. Silver types also add class and charm to any d├ęcor, and can become a family heirloom.Those that are made of glass are a common sight in many homes. They can come in many shapes and sizes and can be fashioned in any color. Sometimes they come adorned with beads, wire and other objects, and can be made from regular glass or crystal. those that are made of crystal are usually use in more formal rooms of the home.A metal candle holder can be made for all different types of metal. Pewter was a favored metal during the colonial times, though they can still be bought today. They can can be made from iron, stainless steel and precious metals as well. There is no limit to the type of metals that can be used to create candle holders.There are many options to creating a homemade candle holder. Some folks take food jars and recycle them into their own holders for their candles. Soon to be discarded stem ware can serve as an interesting base material as well. One that is home-made can be made from virtually any material that is fire resistant. They make for great quick gifts and are a resourceful way to recycle on your own.They can also be purchased anywhere home goods is sold. Discount stores are also an excellent source to purchase them from. A holder can also be purchased from stores that are dedicated solely to selling candles. Looking online is also a great way for you to find what you are looking for.The prices will vary from a less than a dollar all the way up to a few hundred dollars and then some. It all depends on the material that it is made from and the style it is made in. One with a designer name attached to it is going to be far more expensive than a simple glass candle holder.

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